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A European Cooperative Importing & Exporting Hand Crafted Goods in A Developing World. Imagine yourself standing in the "souc" of Carthage, Istanbul, or Timbuktu, in the year 10 BC... buyers and sellers shouting bids over the noise of camel caravans coming and going, the banging hammers of the tinsmiths, children that should be in school are yelling after having being caught stealing, and contented purchasers return home with goods bought at a fair price.

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More than 2000 years later nothing has really changed. Buyers and seller are shouting over each other and over the hum of technology on the Paris, London, New York, and Tokyo stock exchanges. Out in the streets roars the noise of congested automobile traffic and of jetliners taking off and landing, and in the harbour horns blast from ships that depart laden with goods bought at a fair price.

At ArtiMara.Com you will find the spirit and craft of the past, brought to you with the technology of today, at a fair price. Robert Gramme, Arti - Show (1989), and Valentine Julien, Al Mara (1991), have been traveling to these far away places in search of Traditional Hand Crafted products for use in every day life.

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Products from our global past made with pride by hard working people living a life that has not changed that much in more than two thousand years.

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A European Cooperative Importing & Exporting Hand Crafted Goods in A Developing World.

Drop by for tea at one of our locations in Belgium and The Netherlands, or surf this evolving website and browse through our collective past and future.

Traditional Networking For A Revolving Planet

New distributors are always welcome,

Team Artimara

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